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The Georgia Black United Fund provides a collective opportunity for individuals to make a difference.
About GBUF

The Georgia Black United Fund (GBUF) continues its work with all members of the organization by providing administrative assistance, program advice, fundraising support, letters of support, and the strength of membership in our multi-purpose agency, allowing the provision of services in the areas that meet general human needs, including youth , education, health, veterans, culture and arts, and overall community development. The fund will offer grants to be awarded on an annual basis to applying member organizations. Based on many years of experience, GBUF has discovered that there is no adequate referral service for the "urgently needy" that really makes a full-support effort, and as a result has developed a referral system that allows sufficient follow through to achieve maximum achievable results.

GBUF is a community fund supported by the citizens of the community and others who believe in our vision, that brings resources to bear on those factors which limit the positive alternatives available in the community. Our vision is to nurture and promote those positive life elements, often missing from underserved communities, that provide every citizen with the opportunity to choose a better life. Most often this effort requires curing or remediation, but the vision can only be fully realized through prevention. Therefore, we are attempting to provide resources to address issues and support organizations that address the missing or inadequate life elements in underserved communities. You can assist our efforts to make a difference in our community by becoming a volunteer, by your individual monetary contributions or by requesting us as a charitable payroll deduction option with your employer.

Providing support for more than 650,000 people per year, the primary objective of the Georgia Black United Fund, Inc. (GBUF) is community improvement along with positive alternatives for individuals.

The secondary objective is grant making to support projects and programs that assist in building an African American self-sufficient economic infrastructure.

Organized in October 1975, GBUF is commited to bringing together the human and financial resources needed to enhance the quality of living for all.

An urgent need exists for increased charitable giving to support programs offered by GBUF and it's member organizations. Our member organizations and other partnering nonprofits cannot depend solely on governmental and conventional funding sources. Without adequate funds, organizations cannot deliver crucial services needed within the communities. The Georgia Black United Fund is committed to improving the quality of life for all individuals through assistance in the following areas: 

  • Education
  • Health
  • Human Services
  • Cultural
  • Legal
  • Economic
  • Spiritual
  • Overall Community Improvement

We should consider the potentials of a fundraising infrastructure, that offers services to anyone based on their individual need. GBUF provides an opportunity for individuals to make a difference. Your support coupled with the contributions of others enables our staff and volunteers to optimize the services  to individuals and give an improved quality to  the existence of the Georgia Black United Fund, Inc.

Please check our news and events page for upcoming events to include the GBUF sponsored SHARE EXPO, golf tournaments and similar events that increase the capacity to provide services to the overall community.  These events also present the opportunity to celebrate the successes of individuals, Collation members, and the GBUF family as a whole

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